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A Masterclass Series for Experts, Coaches, and Consultants Who Want to Shift from 1-on-1 and Retainers to A Scalable, Profitable Business & Brand

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3-Part Series | May 16th, 21st and 23rd

Ready to start profiting from your expertise and remove the guesswork from your visibility? 

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Discover the three critical elements that will shift you from invisible coach, consultant, or expert to thriving, in-demand thought leader - the 'go-to' person in your field 👇

Here's where most expert entrepreneurs are stuck

You’ve got a handful of retainers and clients.

You’ve maybe got the capacity for one or two more.

But you’re an ‘on-demand’ resource rather than an ‘in-demand’ expert 😩

Because you spend ALL your time working IN the business, serving these clients.

Scalability? Systems? Building your brand? All of that will have to wait until…

When? When you have more clients and are buried deeper in? 

When you finally have enough work to hire help? (Most experts make the wrong first hire, btw).

But you’re an entrepreneur. You’re a visionary.

And you know there’s a next level for you.

One where you can enjoy the freedom of time and money that you decided to go into business for.

So, based on popular advice, you pour every non-client-facing minute into…

Ta-daaaaa! *VISIBILITY!*

They tell you to ‘post 63 times a day!’ and ‘Get in front of your audience!’

But what they DON’T TELL YOU IS…

Visibility is only one leg of a three-legged stool.

In fact, it’s the third leg.

Before you ‘get in front of your audience’, you’re going to need:

1️⃣ Products with Profit-Potential that you can grow and scale beyond the ‘hours’ in your day, when you’re on holiday etc.

2️⃣ Powerful Packaging for your products and ideas so you can get people to lean in, listen and then buy

Without these two pieces, visibility means nothing!

Don't believe me?

Let me ask you…

If visibility was the answer, then if I led you onto a stage in front of 10,000 people and handed you a mic right now,

Would you know how to optimize and monetize that attention?

If you’re like most 1-on-1/Retainer-Model Limited experts, then you would not.

That’s why the marketing course you bought isn’t working for you.

That’s why that brand-building program is not your next step.

You don’t need visibility or marketing or sales strategy to move into your next level.

You need a strategy for profitable thought leadership.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing in the ‘Invisible to In-Demand’ series.


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3-Part Series | May 16th, 21st and 23rd

FREE three-part training to take you from an invisible 'small-game' expert to a wildly profitable and in-demand thought leader.

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Masterclass 1: 

Productising Your Expertise

Thursday, May 16th, 3pm CET

This fundamental step is where you design the precise products and the revenue stream each product represents for you in the next 12 months. In Webinar 1, we'll cover:

  • Package your expertise to escape the 'time for money' trap
  • Crack the code on creating powerful products/services that light your clients up 
  • Create effective, transformative products that are actually profitable (giving you freedom of time and money) 

Masterclass 2: 

Packaging Your Expertise

Tuesday, May 21st, 3pm CET

Package your products and ideas so that they cut through the noise, resonate with your ideal clients and draw them in. 

  • Discover (and avoid) the No. 1 Mistake that keeps most experts and their services 'invisible' 
  • Learn the strategies to move your people from strangers to leads to paying customers
  • Discover the 'Power of Signaling' and remove the guesswork from your lead gen strategy 

Masterclass 3: 

Positioning for Authority

Thursday, May 23rd, 3pm CET

You know that 'visibility' we talked about? This is where it comes in. Once you've got a powerful, profitable business engine running - learn how to get your work the attention it deserves!

  • Discover the truth about positioning in even the most crowded markets
  • Dive into the top thought leadership and organic content strategies that today's leading experts are leveraging to build their brands
  • Fire up your 'Authority Engine' with a few easy tips! 

What Other Experts & Entrepreneurs Are Saying

"One session with Aditi clearly mapped out my products and services, something that I have been wanting to do for over a year. You've got to get inside Aditi's training spaces!"

Zakia Khalid, Debt Recovery Specialist, London

"I've more than doubled my investment in the Revenue Roadmap session in the first week. In 1 session, we nailed my audience, designed my product, and I'm off to the market, BETA-testing!"

Melanie J. Sparks, Launch Strategist, Kentucky

“Aditi knows how to break down the scariest parts of your business journey into doable tasks. Her method is priceless. Working with her, you get an unbeatable expert and an ally” 

Kim A. Page, Voice & Communication Coach, Dubai

This Series Is For You If You Are: 

  • An expert, coach or consultant in business for 8-10 years OR at $75000+ in annual revenue
  • A results-creator, but only known by your small circle of clients and peers
  • Ready to move from time-for-money retainers and one-on-one into more profitable, scalable models
  • Ready to build your authority and establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Excited and willing to harness the power of social media to build that authority and demand for your expertise

This Series Is Not For You If You:  

  • Are looking for a quick-fix or a marketing template that you can plug and play
  • Have never sold your expertise, coaching or consulting before
  • Have no clients who have raised their hands to buy from you
  • Hate the idea of showing up as a thought leader and expert on social media and other marketing channels
  • Are happy with your current business model and just want visibility or social media advice 

Is This A Room You Need To Be Inside?

3-Part Series | May 16th, May 21st, May 23rd  

Let's help you make the shift from invisible expert to in-demand thought leader👇

Hi! I'm Aditi, your guide to Profitable Thought Leadership. 


I've designed my signature trainings and the Profitable Thought Leader framework after 12 years of creating and implementing organic marketing and content strategies for businesses and individuals. 

I help clear the fog around organic marketing and thought leadership and put my clients on the most sustainable, enjoyable and bullet-proof path to building the influence, income and impact they are capable of. 

Based in Oslo, Norway, I spend many snowed-in days strategizing with my clients on their organic marketing strategies, how to create great content, the right kind of lead generation, and building goals-first marketing plans. I've now taken all of my most successful DFY/DWY strategies and turned them into powerful teachable frameworks. This webinar series teaches those very lessons, strategies and methods. 

My best clients? True subject experts. They know they’re great at what they do. Their challenge, however, is attracting enough of the right people to serve so that their business experiences exciting growth and limitless possibility. 

Sound like you? Get in this room. This is where your shift begins👇


Ready for your SHIFT?

3-Part Series | May 16th, May 21st, May 23rd  

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