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For the Expertise-Based Entrepreneur Who Is Ready to Move Beyond Retainers and 1-on-1s and Play A Bigger Income, Influence and Impact Game


No, your next step is¬†not just 'Posting More' or 'Showing Up'. In-Demand Thought Leaders do not simply post more (I know you know that!). They carve a results-creating, thought-shifting reputation for themselves first, and then amplify that reputation with the right¬†visibility strategies. Read on¬†ūüĎá

For the Expertise-Based Entrepreneur Who Is Ready to Move Beyond Retainers and 1-on-1s and Play A Bigger Income-Influence-Impact Game


No, your next step is¬†not just 'Posting More' or 'Showing Up'. In-Demand Thought Leaders do not simply post more. They carve a results-creating, thought-shifting reputation for themselves first, and then amplify that reputation with the right¬†visibility strategies. Intrigued? Read on¬†ūüĎá

Chances are, you've been sold the 'Grow Your Audience' secret sauce.

And you're in one of two camps: 

CAMP ONE: You're doing all the things, posting on social media, getting on a podcast here and there, dishing out that thought leadership...

And well, some things are happening, but nothing magical. 

And when nothing magical happens when you ship your work out into the world, the whole effort feels, frankly, fickle. 

You quickly question: Is this the right way to build my authority?

Isn't there a deeper, more meaningful way to put your work out into the world?


CAMP TWO: You've got your hands so full of client work and urgent to-do's that you have no time or energy to work on the systems, processes, brand, pipeline, lead gen engines...none of it.

Essentially, you're four, five, maybe ten years into business and still operating like a freelancer. Like a for-hire expert. 

With no real business assets. 

With no real freedom, apart from choosing NOT to take on a project, which also means saying no to that revenue...

Is that really freedom?

And also, you CAN'T really say no to that work, because how can you build for a future without securing the present? You need the cash flow that comes in from these clients today to stay up and running tomorrow!  

So even though you're doing some powerful work, you're making waves for this handful of clients, you've got NO WAY of breaking out of this labyrinth of your own design. 

Building your thought leadership, your authority-based sales engine, doing the real work you want to be doing: All of those pieces get back-burnered by the work you 'have to do' today. 

It all gets buried under that never-ending to-do list. 

(I get it. This was me for the first four years of my business ūüė∂‚ÄćūüĆęÔłŹ)

So, you start looking for a way to step into your next level.

How DO you put yourself on the map as a game-changer, a landscape-shifter, a thought leader?

Sadly, this is where we go a little bit astray. 

Somehow all the 'digital entrepreneurs' have convinced you that the next step is: Build Your Brand, Grow Your Email List, Post 67 Times A Day... 

But let me ask you: What exactly are we building an audience for? What are we attracting this audience to? 

Without a solid, profitable business model and well packaged thought leadership at the center of it - does 'visibility' really move any needles at all?


A profitable, in-demand thought leader isn't simply a social media mogul who knows how to work the algorithm - they are true experts who create game-changing results and they then deploy effective strategies to  become known for those results.

They lay their entire careers on a rock-solid foundation that I call The Profitable Thought Leader Trinity. The three parts are: 

Powerful, Profitable Products

Effective Packaging of Their Products and Ideas

Positioning for Authority

Not only is every piece critical, it is also critical that these pieces are tackled IN THAT ORDER.

So I thought it was about time we started doing things the right way around.

I thought it was about time we became not just the 'brands' we are meant to be but also the true thought-leaders, influencers, and game-changers we are. 

And created a program, process, and community where on-demand experts can shift gears into 'In-Demand, Wildly Profitable Thought Leaders.' 

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The 18-week proven, step-by-step system to build a powerful, profitable thought leadership business and brand so that you get recognised, paid and celebrated as an authority in your field of work.


Here's What's Inside: 


9 Power Modules outlining every element that you need to get in place to step into your thought leadership with complete confidence and clarity  


12-month Revenue Plan complete with revenue projections + potential lead sources for each of these products. This is 'Action with Direction' at a whole other level! No More Shots In The Dark.   


Build Your Core Four: A framework to create your solid, resonant body of thought so that your thought leadership is sharp, consistent and resonant   


Learn How to Build Irresistible Paths to Purchase for Your Audience so that selling becomes effortless. They see you as the expert and the sales call becomes a process for you to QUALIFY them rather than SELL to them.   


Create a Powerful O.P.P Strategy: Other People's Platform Strategy so that you are seen, heard and recognised as a sought-after expert and thought leader.  


9 Focused Work Huddles so that you can implement what you are learning real-time, test and course-correct. This is a major results-creator because most people don't do the things they learn they should be doing!   


Weekly Office Hours with Aditi to ask specific questions about your business, solve specific challenges and get feedback on what you implement. These will continue indefinitely into the future (we don't like to use the word 'forever' but basically, for the foreseeable future)   

And So Much More...

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What Program Alumni Are Saying...

"I've more than doubled my investment in the Revenue Roadmap session in the first week. In 1 session, we nailed my audience, designed my product, and I'm off to the market, BETA-testing!"

Melanie J. Sparks, Launch Strategist, Kentucky

"One session with Aditi clearly mapped out my products and services, something that I have been wanting to do for over a year. You've got to get inside Aditi's training spaces!"

Zakia Khalid, Debt Recovery Specialist, London

‚ÄúAditi knows how to break down the scariest parts of your¬†business journey into doable tasks. Her method is priceless. Working with her, you get an unbeatable expert and an ally‚ÄĚ

Kim A. Page, Voice & Communication Coach, Dubai

Program Breakdown

4 Training Segments and 9 Modules in, you’ll have everything you need to build a powerful, profitable business and brand centred around your expertise and thought leadership.


Down To Business

Drop all the distractions and get crystal clear on the one thing that matters most: Your revenue and profitability. Who do you serve, how and what do you offer them? How much of this product can you sell? Is it profitable, scalable, repeatable? Is it priced right?


Get so clear about your What + Who that your business catapults into a whole new level simply from the power and clarity of this one piece  


Identify the only business and marketing goals that matter to your business and map out your goal-crushing strategy   


Build a 12-month Revenue Roadmap ‚Äď no more guesswork, desperate ‚Äėcash infusion‚Äô offers or ‚Äėsettling‚Äô for projects and clients you don‚Äôt really want. This is Revenue Confidence at another level! ¬†


Think Like A Thought Leader  

You’ve been trained to think like a social media marketer. That just doesn’t cut it for significant, deep-rooted, paradigm-shifting expertise and thought leadership. To become a Profitable Thought Leader, you must first think like one!


Define and document your Body of Thought for a never-ending source of ideas and inspiration to produce your most powerful content. 


Create a Body of Content strategy and implementation plan to build some serious owned media.   


Learn to use social media like a thought leader! This isn‚Äôt about ‚Äėhacking the algorithm‚Äô ‚Äď it is about connecting deeply with your work and shipping it out into the world effectively. ¬†


Get Oversubscribed 

Once you’ve got powerful, profitable products in place with effective packaging around them, it is time to get your audience in the door.


Learn how to attract and build an audience full of your right-fit clients


Discover the FATAL missing piece that most experts skip in their lead generation process, leading to flat sales calls  


Master demand generation psychology and get your right-fit clients lining up to work with you  


The Authority Piece

Step into your authority with clarity and confidence and create the buzz and momentum required to carry your brand far and wide.


Design a powerful O.P.P (Other People‚Äôs Platform) strategy so your brand and message feels like it is ‚Äėeverywhere‚Äô without you actually being everywhere!


Cultivate a brand and voice that does justice to your authority and expertise. The right brand and voice coupled with the right products and packaging create an irresistible force field for your right-fit audience!  


Take control of your narrative ‚Äď create powerful profiles and a digital headquarters (your website) that checks all the salient features and actually converts people from strangers to paying clients to raving fans ¬†

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Ok, I'm convinced. But how much is becoming a Profitable Thought Leader going to cost me?

Ok, so you want to become a profitable thought leader.

You've got options.

Option 1: You can take my module-by-module framework and do this yourself. Mr Googs will help.

Cost: $0 out of pocket, BUT consider your hourly rate here!

Option 2: You can hire an expert to do it for you. But this is always a gamble - more expensive does NOT equal better results.

Cost: $10,000 to $25,000+, depending on their authority and experience.


Option 3: You can do it yourself. With Me. Inside of The Profitable Thought Leader Program. That means you'll have...


A Proven framework 


Tried and tested methodology 


The power of group coaching  


Implementation baked in  


Accountability baked in  

AND... We're offering a 90-Day 110% money-back guarantee.

Yep! You read that right. I'm going to PAY you if this doesn't work. That's how sure I am of my framework. 

Reach out to my team and me within 90 days of program kick-off and let us know you’re not happy. We’ll set up one exploratory call with you to discuss your reasons and offer any possible solutions. If you’re still sure this isn’t for you, we’ll refund your entire fee + an additional 10%. 

*Note: This is an effort-conditional guarantee ‚Äď you need to have done the coursework up until that point to qualify.

That’s how sure we are about how good this stuff is if you put it into action.

And because my success lies entirely in YOUR SUCCESS

Here are TWO bonuses that are going to PROPEL you into this next phase.


LIVE TRAINING ‚Äď Signalling for Success ($750 Value)

Attend a FREE Live Training to learn how to use the power of signalling to get your right-fit client to come to YOU instead of you prospecting them into your products. Signal authority so that you can command the price you want to charge, set strong boundaries around your time, energy, process and availability.

This is a POWER TOOL to help you feel like the thought leader you are!


90-Minute Content Assessment MiniPod ($1750 Value)

A 90-Minute pod with three participants to assess your 30-day content calendar for your social media Home Channel

This mini-pod is a transformational space ‚Äď we‚Äôll look at yours and two other Profitable Thought Leaders‚Äô 30-day content calendars, identify gaps, tighten up angles and messaging and set you up for success!¬†

Ok, let's recap!

When you join Profitable Thought Leader today, you‚Äôll receive access to the most POWERFUL strategies and tools to propel you from ‚ÄėOn-Demand Resource‚Äô to ‚ÄėIn-Demand Thought Leader‚Äô.


4 Part Training + 9 Modules that cover ALL the elements you need to get in place to build a powerful, profitable business and brand centered around your expertise   


Lifetime Access to the Profitable Thought Leader Portal with ALL previous and future training recordings, learning resources, exercise guides and more   


Lifetime Access to all future iterations of Profitable Thought Leader at no additional cost, EVER!   


9 Focused Work Huddles so that you can implement what you are learning real-time, test and course-correct.   


Weekly Office Hours to ask me specific questions pertaining to YOUR business and brand   


A seat at my Signalling for Success Live Training delivered live, via Zoom) to use the power of subliminal messaging to establish your authority   


A seat in my 90-Minute content assessment pod so you can get expert eyes and validation of your message, packaging and 30 days of content before you ship it out!   

And so much more! Profitable Thought Leader is BURSTING with tools and trainings, big and small, to move your influence, income and impact to the next level.

‚ÄúThis is much more than a course on building your brand as an expert. You get total guidance on how to grow your business. There is a lot of deep work done¬†within different modules. Aditi guides with the highest competence and¬†experience, able to fully understand every group member's¬†business and their challenges. The exchange within the group of like-minded entrepreneurs is a huge plus, as well!‚ÄĚ

Barbara Lempa, German Market Entry Strategist

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Profitable Thought Leader

Your Questions Answered

Hi! I'm Aditi, your guide to Profitable Thought Leadership.

I've designed my signature trainings and the Profitable Thought Leader framework after 12 years of creating and implementing organic marketing and content strategies for businesses and individuals. 

I help clear the fog around organic marketing and thought leadership and put my clients on the most sustainable, enjoyable and bullet-proof path to building the influence, income and impact they are capable of. 

Based in Oslo, Norway, I spend many snowed-in days strategizing with my clients on their organic marketing strategies, how to create great content, the right kind of lead generation, and building goals-first marketing plans. I've now taken all of my most successful DFY/DWY strategies and turned them into powerful teachable frameworks. This webinar series teaches those very lessons, strategies and methods. 

My best clients? True subject experts. They know they’re great at what they do. Their challenge, however, is attracting enough of the right people to serve so that their business experiences exciting growth and limitless possibility. 

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