It all began with a decision.

I had just walked out of my boss' office after having a document ripped to shreds and thrown in my face. Until then, I had been excited about my corporate career. That is until I was bullied, overworked, and completely depleted by a toxic work culture. So I took a decision: To go to market and never look back. 

I promised you a story so here goes!

When I quit that corporate job, we didn't know if we'd make rent next month. My parents had just gotten cheated out of all of their savings and assets by a conman. My sister was in university on a 92% scholarship and we weren't even sure how to get the 8% across to her.

I know it could have been much worse, but this was rock bottom for us. 

So I started doing the one thing I knew how to do: Sell my marketing skills. 

I did whatever it took back then. Social media? Sure. Copywriting? Sure. Corporate profile? Sure. I even designed stuff and I'm really, really not a designer. I was an absolute 'Yes' girl. And in a year, I had created for myself a monstrosity of a job and I was the toughest, meanest boss that I had ever had. 

Extremely long hours, often unfulfilling work because I said yes to just anything, and no way of growing or scaling what I thought was 'my business.' 

Know the feeling?

The truth is I had no idea how to run a business.

I knew how to speak to people and sell my services. Sell my time. I had no idea how to turn freelancing into a business. 

I made ALL the mistakes: Hired too soon, 'hustled' hard, went to market with no real product, just a vague 'I help...' statement...launched courses just because everyone else was...

And then I hit burnout. 

I knew I couldn't keep this up.

So I paused, took a deep breath, and hit Reset. 

And I started looking for answers...


I had made the decision to never look back, remember? So I rolled up my sleeves and immersed myself completely in the science of it all. Was there a formula behind business success? Was a formula, a method to go to market effectively? 

After putting in over 10,000 hours of research, practice and delivering successful marketing strategies to clients all over the world, I discovered what it takes. 

I then applied my discovery to set up a business from scratch after a relocation (Dubai to Norway - BIG change!), and then tested the method again after a huge pivot in the pandemic. 

And it friggin' worked! Both times! And multiple times over for my clients, too. 

Today, I run a growing business with systems, processes, and predictable revenue figures. I can actually depend on my business to give me and my family the lifestyle we want. I cracked the code on how to go to market and since, I've made it my mission to decode it for as many business owners as I can reach and serve.